Why You Should Use a Resume Editor

 Everyone is taught how to write a resume and/or CV in school.  By the time you get to the workforce and are ready to apply for your first job, you are a professional CV writer, right?  Not so much!  Writing a CV is a sort of art.  When done correctly, it is beautifully written and will land you the job of your dreams.  A poorly written CV can cause you to be overlooked, even if you are fully qualified for the position.

So, bring in the career of resume editors.  True, you can give your resume to your partner, a friend or a family member to read.  However, let’s be honest, we all know that they do not usually want to hurt our feelings.  If it is poorly written, they most likely will not be the one to tell you.  Also, they just may not know.  Being a resume editor takes practice and skill.  To the untrained eye, your CV or resume may look just fine.

Through a simple search through Google, you can find dozens of professional resume editors in Australia.  To begin, they will meet with you, either in person, through an online chat or by telephone.  They will learn of your education, your achievements, your work history and any other pertinent details that are important to input into your CV and/or resume.

Then, they will review your current CV and/or resume.  They will give you constructive criticism of what is working well and what may need some improvement.  Then, you can either heed their suggestions and make the changes yourself, or pay them to make the changes for you.

By having a second set of eyes on your CV, you are increasing the chances that if there is a spelling or grammatical error, it will be found.  You are also increasing the chances of obtaining the job that you are applying to.  If a stranger reads your CV and/or resume and, by the way it is written, it is clear that you meet the qualifications, you will most likely be called for an interview.

An editor is paid to give their professional opinion regarding your CV and resume.  It is important that you do not take any of their edits or comments as offensive.  Their job is to help you land your dream job and their edits are solely for that purpose.  It is hard to hand over a piece of your work and ask someone else to see what should be changed or taken out.  However, in the long run, you can only benefit from their services.  They have nothing to gain from giving you bad advice or criticism.

So, if it is an option for you to utilize a professional resume editor, I would suggest that you do so.  If you really want that job, do not hesitant to go through all the appropriate channels to ensure that you obtain an interview.  Utilizing an editor will give you the best chance to get yourself into that interview room.

Go for it! 

Why You Should Use a Resume Editor