Tips for Skype Interviews

Back in the day, if you got called for a job interview, it meant that you drove yourself to the business office of whatever company you were interviewing for, met with the interviewer face-to-face and participated in an interview.  Now, with the progression of today’s technology and social media, more and more employers are conducting interviews over social platforms, such as Skype.

If you have never participated in a job interview over Skype, it may be a bit concerning and nerve-wracking.  Yet, most of the same interview rules still apply.

Here are some tips for a successful Skype interview:

Dress the Part

Yes, you may not be seen from the neck down, but that does not mean that you should attend the interview in your sweatpants.  Get dressed as though you were going into the office for a face-to-face interview.  Who knows, you may need to stand up to get something and then your potential employer will see your fleece bottoms!  Surely, you will lose all chances of obtaining that job.

Be Prepared

To attend a job interview online, especially at home, it is easy to get distracted.  Just with an in-office interview, be prepared.  Get yourself in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.  Research the company that you are interviewing for.  Visit their webpage, read their mission statement, and learn about their company.

If they are utilizing the internet and social media for job interviewing, it is likely that they will expect their employees to be at least a little tech savvy.  Show your skills by having the company information readily handy.  Either print out the information or have the tabs open on your computer.  Based on what you’ve learned from the company, have a set of questions available for your interview.

Check Your Internet Before Your Interview

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to have a conversation with someone that has poor service.  Now, try to imagine being an employer who is trying to make a business decision in which new employee to hire and they cannot even get through to you without your computer lagging.  If your internet is unreliable, utilize a public hotspot or a public library.  Conduct this test several days prior to your interview so that if your internet is not up to par, you can plan to attend the interview at an alternative location.

Follow Up

Too many people log onto social media, say what they have to say, and then leave it without ever returning.  Show your potential employer that you mean business.  Wait about a week to see if you hear from them.  If not, show them that the Skype interview was just as important to you as an in-office one.  You can do this by contacting them by their preferred method of contact, either by phone, e-mail or a chat through Skype.  Take the initiative and show them that you truly do want this position.

Overall, technology has improved the workforce immensely.  Jobs are now more readily available and more opportunities are being offered over the internet.  While an initial interview through a social platform, such as Skype, may be a daunting task, it will become an everyday occurrence in no time.  Soon, you will learn that it is just like a normal in-office interview, as long as both the employee and the employer treat it as such.

Tips for Skype Interviews