Tips and Tricks to Getting the Job

 Interviewing for a job never seems to get easier.  However, with some tips, advice, and some preparation, you will be able to land the job of your dreams.  It is always difficult to speak about yourself, especially in a setting where you are being asked to explain why you are good enough for something.

Just know in your heart that you are good enough and follow this list of tricks and tips to getting the job:


Utilize a friend or family member to help you practice for your interview.  Write out a list of questions that you believe would most likely be asked during an interview.  Most interviewers ask why you are the most qualified for their position, why you should be hired, what do you have to offer their company, what experience do you have, and what questions do you have.

The saying is true, practice makes perfect.  While you cannot predict what the interviewer is going to ask you, you can get an idea of what they may asked based on their website, job offering and any contact with them that you already have had.

Be Confident

How you carry yourself is very important.  You need to walk into the room and take control of the setting.  Now, that is not to say that you walk in with total disregard for the interviewer, or anyone else in the room.  It means that you walk in knowing that you are the most qualified for this position and that you are prepared to explain why.  They have already read your CV and something about it struck a chord with them and they would like to learn more about you, so tell them!

Dress the Part

Get yourself dressed in a professional manner.  Guys, wear dress slacks, shirt, tie, and shoes.  A suit jacket is also preferred.  Ladies, wear dress shoes, a dress, a skirt, or a pantsuit.  Make sure the clothing is pressed and wrinkle-free.  Ensure that your telephone is on silent before you walk into the building.  Nothing is more embarrassing than your telephone going off in a quiet room when you are trying to make a good first impression!

Stay Calm      

At some point in the interview, they may ask you a question that stumps you or frustrates you.  Do not let these emotions show.  Put on your best poker face.  If you buckle under the pressure of a job interview, you most likely will not be able to handle the stressors of that job.  Instead, through the above-mentioned practice, you should be able to prepare for the unexpected.

Say Thank You

Be sure to thank the interviewer for their time and consideration, no matter how you feel the interview went.  Remember, they blocked out a chunk of time in their schedule to meet with you and discuss the job with you.  Show them that you genuinely are grateful for the opportunity to interview with their company.

Follow Up

It is important that you follow up after your interview.  Wait about a week after the company has concluded interviews and then contact the interviewer, or his/her secretary directly.  Inquire as to if there was a decision made.  Many employers wait to see if their applicants will show initiative and follow up, as it demonstrates that you truly want this position.


Tips and Tricks to Getting the Job