Permanent Recruitment Services

Our recruitment services result in our clients gaining experienced staff without the wasted time and money. Our employment and recruitment services offer the most cost effective, simple and reliable services available. We have the expertise to provide each position with the right candidate by searching for experience, motivation and personality.

Our permanent staffing service is so simple and cost effective; your business will never again loose valuable time or finances when looking for staff. 

Once you have sent us an inquiry about our services we will get in touch with you to gather required information for us to begin working on a staffing strategy. Once we have an understanding of what your business requires from an employee, the requirements of the position and your business culture we will find you the best candidates.

What Is Included

  • Competitive rate of only $200AUD per suitable candidate
  • Completely virtual and time efficient
  • Promotional candidacy text and business branding
  • Position marketing on varies platforms
  • Screening of credential and qualifications of all candidates
  • Reference checks for all candidates
  • Interviewing with standard and personalised questions
  • Several candidates per position


What Will Clients Receive

  • Only qualified and suitable candidates
  • Records of all correspondents with the candidates
  • Recordings of interview as well as a summary
  • Summary of responses from references
  • Our short and expert advice of the candidate in response to all provided information


Our service is only $200AUD per suitable candidate provided. If no suitable candidate is found or available for hire we will refund the entire fee with our 100% money back guarantee.

Inquire About Our Services

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